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Alfafla pellets description

Alfalfa pellets are used as a substitute for ragular hay and as quality vitamin feed with high content of carotene. Alfalfa pellets are manufactured from artificially dried alfalfa hay. It contains no premixes and GMOs and is eligible for horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats and rabbits.

General informaton

Monthly capacity
1000 tons
Year of harvesting
Methods of use
Animal feed, fertilizer
Animals list
Horse, cattle, deer, pig, chicken, goat, sheep
Shelf life
1 year

More details

Alfalfa pellets is an economical way of feeding of farm animals and birds. It significantly reduces the consumption of grain in the production of meat or milk. Alfalfa pellets are easier to digest than hay, provide a good weight gain and milk yield.

The use of specialized equipment for the production of alfalfa pellets allows to avoid significant loss of raw material, which is observed during the natural alfalfa drying. Also, this method of manufacture eliminates the adverse effects of moisture and leakage of different biochemical and microbiological processes.

Alfalfa pellets are good for storage, unlike the hay made by the usual method, which can become caked, rot or moldy. When Alfalfa grass is dried artificially, content of fodder units increases at least in 1.5 times, proteins – 1.6, carbohydrates – 3.5 and carotene – in 78 times.


Port of Embarkation
Odessa, Ukraine
Shipping Terms
Container Capacity (kgm)
25 000
Transit Time

You can also get to know approximate freight price and shipment time using this third party service: Sea Rates


We meet our customer needs and ready to pack alfalfa pellets in several bag types.

These are:

  • 25 kg bags
  • 30 kg bags
  • 40 kg bags
  • 70 kg bags
  • 1 ton big bags
Last update: April 2, 2017
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