ukrainian alfalfa


"UKRAINIAN ALFALFA" LLC is a trading company located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which makes its business by exporting large volumes of alfalfa pellets and alfalfa hay. Our company started its way on June 1, 2016 and was duly registered on August 25, 2016 in Ukraine with identification number of 40773229. We work in tight partnership with most of Ukrainian manufacturers of alfalfa bales and pallets what gives us an ability to supply any customer with any needs.


Our mission is to represent Ukraine on the global market of alfalfa delivering qualitetive alfalfa with modern approach in doing global business and adhering high standarts of trading processes.


The team working in UKRAINIAN ALFALFA consists of attentive professionals that always are up to date with latest conditions and in touch with global exporters and importers. We are experts in our business of alfalfa. We know everything about alfalfa hay, baling, pelleting, storing, logistics, shipments, prices and so on.

Welcome to Ukrainian Alfalfa